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Massachusetts College of Art + Design

Does the World Need Another Face Filter? What We Learned Prototyping Augmented Reality in the Classroom

MODESUMMIT June 2021 | Long Paper | Peer Reviewed

Play, Make, Speculate is a pedagogical framework for the design classroom, developed by Hodara and Rettig. This paper demonstrates how freeform play, rapid making, and speculation can be used to address the visual and technical components of augmented reality, and challenges students to address the ethical concerns that are critical to their work. These include issues of who has access and the repercussions of adding new media to our society. Hodara and Rettig draw on original curricula and student work from the following courses: Augmented and Virtual Reality for Designers & Storytellers, a graduate seminar at The Dynamic Media Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Boston MA); Disobedient Design, an interdisciplinary undergraduate elective in the Communication Design Department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design; and Augment My Type, a workshop in Type@Cooper at The Cooper Union (New York, NY).

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