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Design Manifesto

Disobedient Design | 2020 | New Course Development

Write Your Own Design Manifesto

Project Description
“Karl Marx had one. The Unibomber had one. When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776, he drafted the manifesto that launched the American Revolution. Graphic design would not exist as we know it today if F. T. Marinetti hadn't published his manifestos and instigated Futurism…“
–– Manifesto Mania

Following in this long tradition, you will create a short document that “manifests,” or articulates, your vision for the role of design.

Design manifestos often start by addressing a problem or concern. And they often end with a call to action; the author may layout principles or tenets to guide designers to their vision of a better designer or better world. Regardless of its format (list, essay, imagery), the document serves a greater community: it offers concrete advice and a vision for other designers to rally around.

Project Objectives
1 Consider the role of design and designers in contemporary society/in this class
2 Define a personal vision and goals for your work as a designer
3 Articulate your ideas in the most appropriate visual form

Kathleen Hernandez | 2020

AidenWright | 2020

Jameson Noonan | 2020

Rose Flynn | 2020

Saleenah Saint Louis | 2020

Runming Dai | 2020