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Resist Cross Stitch

Disobedient Design | 2020 | New Course Development

Resist re·sist| rəˈzist | verb [with object]
withstand the action or effect of: antibodies help us to resist infection; struggle against someone or something: without giving her time to resist, he dragged her off her feet.

We’ve seen many acts of awe-inspiring resistance from the protests across our country to Tik-tok’s takedown of Trump’s Tulsa rally. Yet, there is more than what meets the public eye. This unit will explore the power of private resistance.

Project prompt: What do you resist?

Suggested materials: Cross Stitch Kit, Stitch Fiddle, Cross Stitch Writing Tool.
Resist x thread artist/projects:The Subversive History of Women Using Thread as Ink, Badass Cross Stitch, @femalecollective, Rufina Bazlova Embroideries Belarus, Subversive Kits, AparTogether – Liza Lou, Women's Work.
Resist Artist/Projects: Underground railroad /Bulletins/billboards, Wall Of Moms, Good Humor X RZA, Vintage Plates Become Memes Thanks To Typography, MassArt Resist

Nandini Srinivasan

Anna Shobe

Mayuri Saxena

"We are not equal until we are all equal!"

Runming Dai

For every Zoom occasion while muted:
“How are you today?”
“Does it sound good?”
“How are you feeling?”
“Any questions?”
“So far so good?”

Neida Ferrante

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