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Massachusetts College of Art + Design


Sept 2020 | COGRID Risograph Poster

Grids for good.
COGRID-19 is a series of risograph prints created to raise money for those most affected by the pandemic. The project brings together 19 artists from a city, each contributing to a shared grid representing their time in quarantine. The collected works are a commentary on the public health crisis and the racial, political and environmental issues that have overtaken the year 2020. Every penny raised will be donated to worthy organizations leading the efforts to help those in need.



11x17 / 3 color / Risograph Print on 65lb Munken Polar Rough Vellum White (unframed)

Grid built from the work of 19 Boston-based designers : Guest curators Adam Danielson / Kirk Wallace :

Monique Aimee / Tyler Blinderman / Micah Carroll / Dom Civiello / Kate Costello / Adam Danielson / Chris DeLorenzo / Sam Fishman / Sofie Elana Hodara / Simeon Kondev / Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza / Jeremy Lwamugira / Madeleine McMichael / okayGOOD™ / Matt Plays / Martha Rettig / Jillian Tito / Justin Vinalon / Kirk Wallace

All proceeds go to Boston University Prison Education Program.