Associate Professor

Massachusetts College of Art + Design


Information Architecture II | 2021

This assignment investigates the wayfinding experiences mothers, fathers, and caregivers encounter using the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children - better known as the WIC Program.

Students mission in this human centered design project had two phases.

Phase One (Group)
Research & Inspiration: In groups students conducted primary research interviewing family members who participate in the program. The secondary research had each group explore the overall human experience using WIC in stores, in their app, and during counseling sessions, as well as looking for inspiration for how the experience can be altered or improved based on interviews.

Phase Two (Solo or Group if you wish)
Prototype & Design: Students select and redesign an existing aspect of the WIC experience that centers around the nutritional data & debit (electronic benefit transfer EBT) emphasis of using the program.

Meghan Yip | 2021

Research & Process

Jean Paul O'Neill Santiago | 2021

Research & Process

Saleenah Saint Louis & Emma Trinanes | 2021

Research & Process

Lindsey Adams, Emily Chau & CJ Ray | 2021

Research & Process