Associate Professor

Massachusetts College of Art + Design

Service Design

Service Design | Design Research | 2015–2017

This assignment asks students to identify a social group that they feel is underserved in the digital marketplace. Based upon demographic research and ethnographic “field studies”, they will develop a proposal for a prototypical digitally-centered service tailored to their chosen user group.

Nathaniel Amara, Fan Chen, Jane Cho, Dalena Tran - 2016

Joey Petrillo, Anna Juhasz, Stefanie Bazarian, Kate Boudrreau - 2016

Lauren Burchard, Mindy Villaran, Erika Von Kelsch, Alex Walker - 2015


Bonnie Lawrence, Ted Pioli, Jonny Prandato, Eric Trieu - 2015

Mikayla Gregory, Rachel LaDine, Amy Szatkowski, Andrea Thoen - 2016