Associate Professor

Massachusetts College of Art + Design

Multi-Modal Teaching Special Committee

Multi-Modal Teaching Special Committee, Summer 2021

This summer I participated in a special committee, led by Marika Preziuso and Nita Sturiale, tasked with investigating remote and hybrid pedagogies and best practices. I joined a break out group where we reviewed review MassArt’s existing practices of student engagement and assessment for their accessibility, equity and inclusion. Our work resulted in a set of recommendations sent to the AUC and the creation of a new Multi-Modal Teaching and Learning governance committee being formed, which I will be on this fall.

Shared Practices in Teaching+Learning Special Committee

To continue investigating the current College-wide practices and draft best practices and recommendations on College-wide teaching and learning, with additional focus on advising. Goals and areas of special investigation include:

Draft a mission, a vision, and values for online teaching and learning, review curriculum delivery platforms and expectations, review college-wide critique models, review systems of grades and students assessment, centralize faculty and staff professional development, review faculty mentorship, promotion, and tenure structure, and investigate and research the college’s current advising model.

Our work is framed around MassArt's mission for inclusive, just, accessible, and equitable education for all students. Here is an excerpt from the MassArt Mission: We pursue a just compassionate, and equitable learning environment. We cultivate rigorous creative practices by observing, questioning, making, and remaking. We honor courage, honesty, mutual respect, and self-expression. We believe in the power of art and design to transform our world.