Associate Professor

Massachusetts College of Art + Design

Augmented Reality Letterpress Show

Disobedient Design | 2018 | New Course Development

This new studio-hybrid elective examined the power of public activism as it has evolved from letterpress broadsides to today’s acts of technological interventions. Open to undergraduate students as well as graduate students at the college, this unique course was taught in two classrooms: the letterpress studio and a Mac lab. The course culminated in a curated show featuring augmented reality letterpress posters. Students took part in all responsibilities for the exhibition, including producing marketing material, creating and installing signage, curating and installing final work, and documenting the show and the reception.
I developed this curriculum with Sofie Hodara

Thank you to all the students who participated:

Margaret E. Bent
Tyler J. Butler
Renee L. Carraggi
Sofia Casabianca
Shannon M. Farrar
Victoria R. Modesto
Jacqueline A. Muise
Stefanie C. Oughourlian
Anthony P. Pham
Kayla R. Rich
Cara C. Tarmey
Kenny M. Truong
Caytlin R. Unhoch
Jessie Vitale
Benjamin M. Walker
Michelle E. Wang
Eun Seo Choi
Abraham Evensen Tena
Riley A. Hunter

To view the augmented reality component of these posters, download and install the Artivive App (iOS + Android), then open the app and frame each poster.